Day One

In the next 100 days, I’ve set a goal for myself to write something every day.

Since I moved to the Bay Area for work in 2011, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting incredible people and participating in some incredibly unique experiences. This year alone, I’ve played jazz piano at a Vietnamese Tet celebration, walked the Golden Gate Bridge in support of mental health, helped with an amazing high school summer camp, and found a new way to share my music with my friends.

I’ve been reflecting on these and other events in my life in the past decade, and decided it would be beneficial to practice documenting the things I’ve seen on a more regular basis. My immediate goal is to do this once per day on a variety of topics, especially those that have shaped large parts of my perspective. I’d also like to reflect more on positive experiences to take away from the current social issues the world faces this year, and to potentially spark new connections between disparate memories.

I’m opting not to publicize these posts. I am restricted to not write about my employer or any work I’ve done for them, but there will be plenty to discuss outside of that environment. I also don’t intend to ask for feedback on these posts until the 100 days are over. While they will be accessible to the public, I’m starting this project with myself as the primary audience.

Thank you for supporting me by reading this. When this project is over, I hope to look back on it as an accomplishment in its own right and as a vehicle to teach myself something new.