Robert S Lee

[email protected] • +1 (808) 386-7918
649 N 4th St, San Jose, CA 95112 USA


BS, Physics (Computational Track); Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA

BS, Computer Science; Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA

2011 - Mellon College of Science Research Honors, Sigma Xi Nominee

2009 - SURG Small Undergraduate Research Grant

Overall GPA: 3.26 / 4.0

High School Diploma; Punahou School (Honolulu, HI)

Vocational Experience


Senior Software Architect ; Apple (Technology Investigation); Sunnyvale, CA


Senior Software Engineer; Apple (Special Projects Group); Sunnyvale, CA


Software Engineer; Apple (Hardware Test Engineering); Cupertino, CA

Summer 2010

Software Engineer - Intern; Apple (iPod Software); Cupertino, CA

Summer 2009

Software Engineer - Intern; Oceanit; Honolulu, HI

Fall 2008

Systems Skills in C and UNIX TA; Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA

Experimental Physics TA; Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA
Summer 2008
Information Technology - Intern; Oceanit; Honolulu, HI
Summer 2007
Laboratory Technician; Kuehnle AgroSystems; Honolulu, HI

Volunteer Experience

Engineering Technology Camp; Apple; Cupertino, CA
Outreach Assistant; NAMI Santa Clara (National Alliance on Mental Illness); San Jose, CA
Crisis Hotline Responder; (An Online Crisis Network)

Research & Publications

3/9/2017 (filed)

U.S. Patent Application No. 15/273,866; Apple; listed co-inventor

Patent pending / unpublished

9/23/2016 (filed)

U.S. Patent Application No. 15/454,539; Apple; listed co-inventor

Patent pending / unpublished

Spring 2011

Dynamic Monte Carlo Renormalization Group; Carnegie Mellon University

Advisor: Dr. Robert H. Swendsen, Professor of Physics

Abstract: Monte Carlo methods and renormalization group (RG) analysis are often used in statistical physics to study properties of phase transitions. We explore extending the RG analysis to study the dynamic correlations of a simulated 2D Ising system evolving in time. The simulation software is optimized for performance by using CUDA GPGPU technology and by updating the Ising spins using the Swendsen-Wang cluster algorithm.

Spring 2010

Award: Innovation by an Individual; Hawaii State Governor’s Office

“The most recent honorees have developed innovative solutions to challenges facing our state and are taking creative steps to improve the health of our residents, our quality of life, and Hawaii’s long-term economic well-being,” said Governor Lingle.

Spring 2009

Jazz in the Digital Age; Carnegie Mellon University

Advisor: Dr. Roger B. Dannenberg, Professor of Computer Science, Art, and Music

Press release: Carnegie Mellon’s Jazz Ensemble, led by Director of Jazz Studies David Pellow, will perform a newly arranged work by faculty member John Wilson for jazz band, soloists and digital string orchestra. The “orchestra” is comprised of five Carnegie Mellon music students who have recorded 20 digital tracks that will be time-stretched to synchronize with the live band. A member of the Jazz Ensemble will tap a custom-made foot pedal, which will allow the computer to sense the tempo and other cues in different parts of the music. This computer accompaniment stems from a project by School of Computer Science Professor Roger Dannenberg. His research on this subject has been sponsored by Microsoft through the Computational Thinking Center.

White Print; Carnegie Mellon University

Advisor: Dr. Stephen Garoff, Professor of Physics

Abstract: We want to investigate multiple materials for use in commodity-hardware printers to find a way of printing light text on dark-color substrates. We take an interdisciplinary approach to this problem, as we want to research the science behind printing and ink, as well as possible commercialization opportunities for printing light text on dark-color materials.

Other Experience

HOA President ; Jackson Terrace HOA; San Jose CA
Jazz Pianist; Jazz là Em! Việt classics & originals; San Jose, CA
Jazz Piano Trio; California Jazz Conservatory; Berkeley, CA
Elementary Chinese (Mandarin 1 & 2); De Anza College; Cupertino, CA

Technical Skills


Protocols: PCIe, USB, I2C, SPI, UART, CAN bus


Languages: C, C++, ARMv8, x86-64

Apple: iOS / macOS / watchOS / tvOS, xnu, IOKit, Metal
Others: Ubuntu Linux, NVIDIA CUDA, ROS

Languages: Objective-C, Swift, Python, C#

Frameworks: ARKit, CoreML, SceneKit, ResearchKit, CoreData
CVML: opencv, Caffe, Theano, TensorFlow

Languages: Scala, Java 8, Ruby, node.js

Platforms: AWS S3 / EC2, Google App Engine
App frameworks and visualization tools: d3.js, Ember.js, Angular.js